May 9, 2014


salam bersama awkward little fingers greetings
exam is just around the corner. bila aku nak sedar? bila nak bangun,pandang atas, sedar. kaki bergerak, tangan akhirnya mencapai buku, hidung mula melepaskan nafas kecil, mata dipejamkan sedikit lama untuk mendapat motivasi perlahan kelopak dibuka mencari sinar dan kini kaki sudahpun berdiri. bila? whole school started to buzz about the exam; saying that the questions are similar to pisa. freak. also something like theres gonna be people changing classes according to grades. i start to worry, asking all my classmates to study real hard, other classes are pretty brill i tell ya. 

i want to be with you guys. i want to see the same faces. i love you guys. really

the teachers also said, those who get to top 20 will be given out sijil and be on stage like what they did during UB1, the diff is that on UB1 only top 10 got to be on stage but this time its top 20. i get fire up. but no actions are taken. changing is hard eh? the people you were with when you were the "past you", started giving such faces. such thoughts bugging your head. may be easy to chin up but pretty hard for your heart and mind. of course this would bring you down. we need someone. support. to make you stand still to what you want for. surroundings play an important role. but what can we do when we're in such surrounding? 

to improve is to change; to be better is to change often

sayang diri sendiri. thats when the urge to change came. when we love our own self. im no good anyway; thats why i wanted to change. okay we are getting far from the main here. last few days i lost my book. even worst its my revision book. i spent half of recess time searching for it. sure it meant a lot to me eh. becos i was planning to study that day during my free time in school.(since my free time at home is filled with lazyness activities such as sleeping). "sayang" up there actually stands for my love to my classmates. since i bond real well(i guess?) with all of them. the average amount of each kaum in my class are same so losing one mean lose everything. eventhough we would be "given" with someone else but have you ever heard something like "human cannot be replace. once they obtain the place, it cant be replace"

so that explains everything why i asked everyone from my class to study for mid exam. lets shove all the top 20s. only for 3a! hahaha okay that would be no fair aite? nah was just kidding. just a tricky method to get the kids to fire up. other kids from other classes too, lets rock the rating grades can we????? you say you are tired of the "same" thing, lets take those little tiny step and lets make changes. never think about the outcome okay? effort that one matters. wow i so sounded like motivationers or something. sounds good eh.

i meant it. i love you guys. really

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