Jun 6, 2014

talks never worth

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hey guys.

so its been awhile aite. left the blog w/o any posts for few weeks becos i had an exam for the whole week and a week before i kept myself studying (which is really not). but really it was hectic. was totally rusted right after the exams over. im just glad really, that its over i mean. but that doesnt mean i never visited the blog or whatev you call becos i did, i mean i love reading my own posts (which is only me and not other ppl becos nothing interesting in here) also sometimes i came here for listening to the song; current favorite. but i didnt really surf to my dash becos i found nothing interesting there. okay heres the thing; actually i changed my email for this blog so all the followings of blogs i had just disappeared. dont know if i still following them or not now and i dont know they're following this blog or not

we got two days before holiday started which i dont really found any proper reason behind the two days like just give us holiday for 3 weeks straight really, were two days were for 'catching up friends' bc i see no points. i went to school for the first day but being kind of bitchy lazy on the sec day so i took a day off. basically becos i didnt find any solid reason why i have to go though. anyway doing either both was completely brought me nothing, i mean i just lay down on my bed and doing nothing just really, cool huh. 

really, holiday can be tough sometimes.

so on the first day, ehs just told me that i got ** wrongs for my sej and i was quite shock becos i never expected that. just wow. really that was just--. and i started to worry about my results. remember last time i said something about top20 will be up on stage this time? yeah i got one of top 10s during ub1 and i know people's expectation will be up on me after that and just what if i cant make it this time. i hate this really i screwed. also my kh's teacher's daughter said i got 40 something for kh. cool. as expected. damn i dont really like kh to begin with.

i didnt make it for seni. like i hate them too. i couldnt finish them like we'd only be given 15-30 mins something to finish em. just the school need to know how A class really really bad at seni they should know. to make it worse, i read the instruction for my seni wrongly. well actually other people did too but i just wanted to do my atleast best for this becos i screwed the other paper. for the other 4 mains subjects, i did pretty well (i guess?) for bm and bi. and just an okay for science. and i-dont-want-to-talk-about for maths.

but my confidence (pardon the word tho) went down when my bm teacher just said something horrified me that maybe i wont get an A for bm in the class on the first day. she said not many ppl get an A as soon as after she marked the first paper. you know this feeling. and we went all together to discuss the answers for some sections which is tatabahasa section and i got them wrong pretty bad pretty lots.

alright nuff with exam talks, now holiday. duh this thing too really. you know i dont understand this feeling, i love holiday but i hate it at the same time. i love it becos i dont have to go to school which is BIG YEAY but i dislike it when i got absolutely nothing to do. understand that? apparently many students are going through this rn. plus, my mom, duh she really likes staying at home. i dont understand really. 

sorry got something up rn will be back later (which i think not really) alright bye peeps